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Victoria Falls is a hugely popular waterfall, which is found in two countries of Southern Africa, Zimbabwe and Zambia. It is located on Zambezi River and it’s in the vicinity of the Caprivi Strip as well.

The reason why this waterfall is famous is because it’s supposed to be the largest in the world, though it’s certainly not the highest. It’s also not the widest, but when you combine a 108m height with a 1,708m width, you do get the biggest falling water sheet, so the claim certainly has merit. It also has a flow rate that can be compared with what other big waterfalls have to offer.

There are two small national parks at Victoria Falls. The smallest one is called Victoria Falls and it has 23, while the bigger one is Mosi-oa-Tunya and it has a surface of 66 There are a number of other national parks in the area, so the animals roaming in the area can go from one park to another, reaching the Hwange National Park, Kazuma Pan or the Matetsi Safari Area.

Hundreds of thousands of people visit Victoria Falls each year, a huge number of them being locals, especially since reaching the area is easy with the help of trains and buses from the region, which are cheap.

Both Zambia and Zimbabwe allow tourists to go from one country to the other in short day trips, with the visas being available at the border. The price of such a visa will vary between $20 and $50. Each time the border is crossed, you will need to purchase a new visa if you have a single entry visa.

While the Zimbabwe part is better developed, political tensions sometimes make the Zambian side to see more visitors, so the prices of hotels in the area can be quite high when that happens.