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The safari is a must thing to do if you’re in Africa and you have any interest at all in the local fauna. The Caprivi Strip safaris aren’t necessarily designed just for this region. They might just include it in their itinerary. Caprivi Strip safaris allow you to enjoy everything this region has to offer.

Caprivi Strip is a must see if you have the opportunity to go on a safari in the area. It’s a very fertile area, 450km long, which has as neighbors a number of different countries, including Zambia, Angola and Botswana. It’s part of Namibia and it has four different rivers in the vicinity, which means that some areas are a bit more like swamps. If you want an extended safari in the area, this region is an ideal way to get started. Going on a safari here is recommended. There are safaris in Namibia that are tailor made to the wishes of those that go on it, just as there are some that are pre-planned.

One thing that makes Caprivi special is that it’s not similar to the traditional Namibian landscape. There is no desert to be seen here, so it’s quite different from what you’re used to seeing in this country. It has a lot of river life thanks to Zambezi, Chobe, Linyanti, Okavango and Kwando Rivers. A great safari in Namibia should involve a trip on the banks of these rivers, especially in the area between Chobe and Zambezi.

A total of 4 game reserves are found in the area, their names being Bwabwata, Mahango, Mamili and Mudumu. A safari here will give you the opportunity to see hundreds of elephants, zebras, crocodiles, hippos, buffalos and giraffes. Game spotters will have the time of their lives here and they can even see a species of antelope that can’t be found anywhere else.