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When it comes to Caprivi Strip accommodations, the options are quite varied. Visitors to the area will find safaris, camping spots, lodges and even houseboats. Besides the fact that you will find something suitable for every taste, you will also find them at different price points and with different amenities. If you like to rough it when you’re travelling, then you will certainly find that in Africa, but the area also has some luxury options that are worth pursuing.


One of the things that are usually done by those that enjoy a bit of adventure or don’t want to pay a lot for accommodations, camping is an option that is available to those that travel to the Caprivi Strip. It’s an option which should be chosen if it’s something you usually enjoy.


Lodges are often found in the area and they are a solid option if you’re looking for a place where you can sleep. Some of them are quite luxurious actually, with pools included, allowing those that want luxury to feel relaxed even though they’re in the middle of Africa. Whether you’re looking for an island lodge or a country lodge, the options are there. Considering the size of the Caprivi Strip, there aren’t a huge number of accommodations, but there are plenty.


There are some houseboat accommodation options available in the area as well. You can have your own houseboat holiday on the Zambezi and Chobe River this way. You can use these houseboats to explore the region and to watch the local wildlife, birds and fish, enjoying a unique travel experience that you will remember for a long time. A number of options are available as far as houseboats go, including Zambezi Queen or the Pride of Zambezi. Depending on the things you want to do and the budget available, you will find that you select one houseboat or another.