postheadericon Caprivi Strip Transportation

Those that are interested in visiting the Caprivi Strip have two methods of transportation at their disposal. The first one is the airport located near the region’s biggest town, Katima Mulilo. It’s located around 18km from the town and it offers regular flights which go to the Namibian capital city, Windhoek. If you want the easiest way to reach the main town of Caprivi Strip, then this is the option for you.

If you prefer a closer experience to how life is in the region, going via Trans-Caprivi Highway is the next option. This highway goes all the way to the Katima Mulilo town, where it ends. This highway, combined with the road to Zambia, forms a Corridor called Trans-Caprivi. The highway with the same name goes back to 1999, while the Corridor goes back to 2004, when the Sesheke bridge was finished.

Unfortunately, these are the only two options at your disposal if you’re looking to visit the Caprivi Strip. There is no railway option, since the town of Katima Mulilo is not part of the railway network of Namibia. In 2007, a proposition was made that a Namibia to Zambia railway would be built, including this town in the proposed route. If it ends up being built, this railway will connect Katima Mulilo to Grootfontein on one hand, and Mulobezi and Livingstone on the other. From Mulobezi to Katima Mulilo, the railway would be 130km long, while the upgrade of the line to reach Livingstone would require another 80km.

There are plenty of options available if you’re interested in reaching Caprivi. It can be reached either from Namibia’s capital, or if you go to Victoria Falls first, the Caprivi Strip is not far away, so you can reach it from there. It’s definitely worth the visit, so if you’re in the region make sure you don’t miss it.