postheadericon Things To Do In Caprivi

If you’re a visitor in Africa, chances are that you love nature and everything it has to offer. The Caprivi Strip offers a lot to nature lovers and little to those that prefer castles and museums. Wildlife is the main attraction of the region and anyone that likes to explore should check it out.

Visiting National Parks

There are four different national parks/game reserves in the area and they are the main attraction. Some of them are better developed than others and you can camp or get on guided tours. Others are less developed and a better choice for those that want to explore on their own, since guides are not available. Whether you want to spot some of the big 5 of Africa (the rhino is the only one not available in the area), or to watch birds or the forests, there is plenty of see in these national parks.

Watching the Wildlife

Some of the wildlife available in the region for travelers to check out include huge herds of elephants, hippos, crocodiles, buffalos, zebras, giraffes and many others. There are antelopes as well, a species that is rare and available only on the Caprivi Strip.

Spotting Birds

A huge number of bird species is available in the area. More than 600 bird species were recorded in Caprivi so far, making it a great spot for bird watchers. Even if watching birds is not your idea of fun, the presence of so many of them helps people appreciate the beauty of the area.

Go on a safari

There are a number of safaris that allow travelers to experience the region and everything it has to offer. They often go into the nearby countries as well, allowing people to experience everything that the region has to offer.