postheadericon Caprivi Strip Lodges

The main type of accommodation available in the Caprivi Strip is the lodge. Below you can see a number of lodges available in the area and a few words about each of them.

Caprivi Houseboat Safari

This lodge can be found a couple of miles to the east from Katima Mulilo, in a green setting. It’s a place convenient for travelers that go to Victoria Falls, Chobe National Park, Moremi Game Reserve or Okavango Delta.

Chobe Savanna Lodge

It can be found on the Chobe River’s banks, on the Namibian side, near Chobe National Park. In the vicinity there is a habitat of the Puku antelope, a rare animal that can’t be seen anywhere else.

Ichingo Lodge

The Ichingo lodge is found near the Chobe River. It’s a lodge that uses tents to house travelers and it offers luxury accommodations. The view of the Chobe River is very nice. The buildings of the main lodge are built over the river.

Kalizo Lodge

This lodge is found 40km to the east from the main town of Caprivi Strip. The area is covered by a lush savannah.

Mazambala Island Lodge

This lodge is found on the Kwando River, on one of the islands. The lodge is a few kilometers away from Trans Caprivi Highway. Island of Abundance is the meaning behind the name Mazambala.

Susuwe Island Lodge

The Susuwe lodge can be found in the Mudumu National Park, so you have plenty of things to see in the area. The lush forest of the area is great as well.

Zambezi Lodge

This lodge can be found in the east part of Caprivi, in the vicinity of the town Katima Mulilo and on the Zambezi River banks. There are huge trees nearby and lush gardens to enjoy. Those that reach Namibia from the neighboring countries can stop here and enjoy themselves.