postheadericon Bwabwata National Park

Bwabwata is a Namibia based National Park, found in the Caprivi Strip, in the NE area of Namibia. The date when the park was established was in 2007. It has a total size of 6100 sq. km. and its formation was done by combining Mahango Game Reserve and the Caprivi Game Park. There are two rivers flowing through this national park, called Okavango and Kwando.

This National Park is quite well organized and the travelers can pitch a tent if they want to, either in the vicinity or in the Bwabwata park itself. They can watch the rivers as they gently flow, with hippos in them, or they can visit the rest of the park and admire the wildlife and the birds. This area is home to the world’s biggest elephant population. Besides elephants, tourists can also see in this park reedbuck, sitatung and red lechwe if they go to the plains, but they will notice just as easily the crocodiles and hippos in the rivers.

Visitors to this park can take a drive, either by themselves or with the help of guides, allowing them to see the flood plains, the Kalahari woodland or the temporary pans and their shores. One of the areas that should be seen is the Conservation Area where the Buffalo lives. If you want to see this great animal, this is one of the places to visit, since there are almost 1,000 of them in the area.

There are seasonal rains taking place here, complete with gorgeous displays of lightning and thunder, which creates temporary pans and creating conditions for travelers to get stuck because of the resulting mud.

More than 400 species of birds were recorded in the area, so if you love bird watching, it’s definitely a place where you should be going.