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Traveling through the Caprivi Strip is not exactly like backpacking through Europe. There is an element of risk whenever you’re in an African country like Namibia, so you should always be extra careful with your surroundings. You should keep informed on the dangers that were reported by other travelers from Namibia and you should make sure you’re prepared for them.

While the Caprivi Strip is a great place to visit and I’m sure you will enjoy your visit there, you should always make sure you give the warnings your full attention. For visitors that have no idea how to behave or what to look for, the area can be quite dangerous, with crocodiles, hippos, elephants and snakes to worry about. There are plenty of deaths in the area that are caused by snake bites, or by hippos and crocodiles. The thing that is usually responsible is the bite from a snake though. The snake species which are usually responsive for these deaths are Mozambique spitting cobra and black mamba. In both cases, the strike is very fast and the death follows soon after. The fact that you are inside the house is not something that insures your safety. There are plenty of cases where they were found in rooms and dining areas.

The crocodiles and hippos are quite dangerous as well, but they’re easier to spot. Despite the reputation of these two species, the wild elephants are even more dangerous and 3 out of 4 deaths from Africa that are caused by wildlife involve elephants. Since the Caprivi Strip has a lot of elephants, these attacks are common here as well.


The region of Caprivi is Namibia’s wettest region, receiving a lot of rainfall from December until March, during the rainy season. If you’re visiting the area during the rainy season you should be protected against Malaria, as mosquitoes love the increased humidity and high temperatures.